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The Original Iconade Drink was born early 2018, inspired by Powerade’s “Breaking Ankles” Commercial starring founder, Fola Branco. At this time and still to this day “Breaking Ankles” is the #1 most iconic basketball  commercial in Powerade history. The Mountain Berry Blast flavor sales tripled in revenue after that commercial. As Branco was exiting his 3 year deal with Powerade. He was coaching kids at Crossroad High School, Santa Monica, CA. Where a First AID/CPR trainer brought to his attention students in some situations Gatorade and Powerade were not beneficial to their health because of the sugar levels. So in efforts to serve athletes who would cramp up from drinking sugary sports drink containing high fructose corn syrup. All we wanted to was provide an alternative for natural electrolytes yet delicious sports drinks. Since then,  we started to invest, research and grown this idea passionately 

We grew to become the favorite place for coffee lovers of all age groups wanting to spend some quality time while sipping on the coffee we serve. 

Today, we continue serving the best coffee in town and have built a deeper coffee relationship with the people of Brooklyn and around.

It gives me great pleasure to contribute to the community with the best natural electrolytes in town and a place to build relationships.

Fola J Branco. Founder

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Join Our Coffee Lover’s Club to Get Exclusive Discounts.